We have structured the whole intensive around this event. When we worship God in a public place we introduce people to His presence without them knowing it! God is looking for musicians wild enough to praise Him in the streets; He is ready to bless them with His presence and minister to the hearts of the people. We want to give everyone a chance to have an encounter with the Creator!

We will be hosting a “burn” on June 8th; 8 non-stop hours of worship on the streets of Boston. This is an open event where will be will working with several other churches and believers who are wild enough to join us!

There is something SO POWERFUL and FREEING about the public adoration of Jesus. This will be the 3rd year we have held this outreach during the annual Boston Pride Parade - an event that draws over 10,000 people into the Plaza. We have had so many incredible encounters with people in the past 2 years as we worship Jesus there and we expect God to move once again!